Yesterday, I went to Milwaukee to read at the Midwest Small Press Festival. Daniela Olszewska and I caught a ride up with Michael Czyzniejewski, and we read at the People’s Books Cooperative in the Riverwest neighborhood. 

Here’s a video that Sharon recorded on my phone, of me reading from Zero Fade and from my short story “The Gleam.”

The festival was spread out through a few bars and bookstores in Riverwest, with home base being the bookfair in a community center called the Polish Falcon. 

I caught readings by Micah Dean Hicks, Nate Hoks and Okla Elliott and left inspired, with a handful of new stuff to read. It kinda reminded me of my punk rock days, when my band would drive to the next city over for a gig, and treat it like a daytrip with friends.

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